Compactors are perfect for high-volume waste applications
including industrial, retail, construction, and more

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Compactors and Balers

Compactors are designed to handle permanent, high-volume applications in the most efficient manner. These systems work well in commercial, industrial, multi-family and recycling applications. HWS can provide a full-service lease for any type of compactor designed to meet customers’ needs.

  • We do not accept the following materials in Roll Off containers and Compactors: Appliances, Flammable and Toxic Materials, Contaminated Materials, Hazardous Materials, or Bio-Hazardous Materials.
  • For disposal of any of these items, please contact HWS for additional assistance.

Stationary Compactors (2-yard / 4-yard)

houston-waste-2yd-compactor-40yd-receiver-800px Stationary Compactors are the most common choice for industrial use and installation.The Compactor remains stationary (bolted to the ground), and the Receiver Box is detached, hauled to the local refuse dump, emptied, returned and reattached. The maximum amount of trash can be disposed of in this mannerClick here for Technical Details from our affiliate site: CompactorConnection

Self-Contained Compactors

selfcontainer Self-Contained Compactors are mostly used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc, where liquids may be part of the waste.The compactor and receiver box are welded together to prevent any leakage. It also helps to minimize any odors but optional deodorizing units can be attached. The entire compactor unit is hauled to the dump to discard both trash and liquids in the most clean and sanitary way.Click here for Technical Details from our affiliate site: CompactorConnection

Vertical Balers

hws-vertical-baler These small & powerful units have been specifically engineered for applications with limited space or budget. With all the safety features for easy operation, Vertical Balers can be invaluable! Vertical Balers compress cardboard and paper into tightly compacted bundles to be sold to Recycle Centers turning trash into cash! Perfect for manufacturing, retail and grocery stores, malls, hospitals. Designed for Hospitals, Malls, Grocery Stores, Retail Chains, HotelsClick here for Technical Details from our affiliate site: CompactorConnection

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